MRCU Oxitec Laboratory

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This project entailed the hiring of Structural and MEP Engineering Consultancy Services along with the services of a General Contractor for the installation and commissioning of  a purpose build, prefabricated build to house a laboratory. Te laboratory was to to be used for genetically modified mosquitoes. At the close of the required procurement processes AMR Consulting was hired as the MEP consultants to the tune of CI$2,075.00; Hue-Lyew-Chin Structural Engineering Ltd was hired as Structural Consultants for the sum of  $618.45. Island Builders won the bid for the construction and signed a contract on the 11th of December 2015 for CI$59,384.42 for a period of 11 weeks. Completion date was set for February 29th 2016.

This project was executed with very minor adjustments in scope. Timeline had to be adjusted outward based on the delivery of the prefabricated building. Delivery was delayed due to the rigorous approval process which was needed to satisfy UK and Caymanian building inspectors. Once the lab arrived on March 2nd 2016, works were executed according to plan and schedule and were completed on June 15th 2016. The six month defects liability period commenced then and concluded on 15th December 2016. There were no defects to be completed during that 6 month period.


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