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    Policy Advice

  1. Policy advice provided to the Hon. Minister & Ministry of District Administration, Works and Gender Affairs on all matters relating to buildings and other / related facilities.

    Advice and Assistance to Government Agencies

  3. Provision of advice and assistance to:
    1. Fund-holding Client Departments on programmes and non-project specific matters relating to buildings and their related facilities,
    2. Government Committees and/or Boards of public or private sector organisations, when departmental staff are appointed by Government, in matters relating to buildings, their related facilities and on tendering procedures,
    3. Statutory Authorities and Government owned companies on a reimbursable basis on project and non-project specific matters relating to buildings and their facilities.

    Management of Building Projects

  5. Project management and consulting services for the design, construction of new buildings and renovations to existing buildings and their related facilities occupied by fund-holding Client Agencies. Services include the use, where appropriate, of a direct labour organisation and the delivery of the following activities using in-house or private sector resources, as defined in Project SLA’s:
    1. Assist Clients to create a project definition document [PDD] at outset and obtaining master plan approval for project implementation.
    2. Project management services to ensure that projects are completed on time, within cost and to required specification,
    3. Designs, costing and contract documentation,
    4. Tendering and contract award processes,
    5. Construction management and inspection services, construction and hand-over activities.

    Maintenance of Client Facilities

  7. Maintenance of buildings and other facilities occupied by fund-holding Client Agencies in accordance with the Agency SLA and Client / Facility Manager’s directions. The services cover all elements of the building and specifically agreed services to the property. Other services may be included as agreed within the framework of the Agency SLA. In the instance of rented or leased facilities, services vary to meet Client needs if not provided by the lease-holder.
  8. The activity also involves the periodic inspection of the property, logging of service requests and issuance of work orders to execute, by in-house or private sector resources, those activities as defined in Agency SLA’s.


Agencies that call in requests are responsible for the labour and material expenses incurred.

Last Updated 2014-04-22