Max Jones, MBE

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Mr. Max Jones, MBE

Director, Public Works Department

Max hails from Merrybent, a small village near Darlington, County Durham, in the northeast of England. He graduated from Leeds University in 1976 with an honours degree in civil engineering and was awarded Membership of the Institute of Civil Engineers in the UK in 1981.

He started working life in September ‘76 with John Laing Construction Ltd. which was one of the largest UK contracting firms at that time. He gained experience on a wide range of building and civil engineering projects, including chemical plants, slip formed sugar silos, office buildings and shopping centres. As part of the training for his professional qualification, a one and a half year period from 1979 to 1980 was spent in John Laing's design offices. There he gained experience in the design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, including design work on major intersection structures for the M25 motorway. A final secondment to John Laing's Ground Engineering Division meant gaining geo-technical experience.

A vacation in Grand Cayman in September 1981 prompted a change of employment and Max took up the post of Executive Engineer with Public Works in March 1982.

As Executive Engineer, Max managed the capital building section of PWD which was responsible for the construction phase of government's capital building projects. This encompassed a wide range of projects, including sports complexes, fire stations, public jetties and launching ramps; hospital, school, police and prison buildings; civic centres, and office building projects for the majority of government’s departments.

During this time Max served as government’s project manager for a number of major government projects including the original Owen Roberts International Airport terminal building, aircraft parking apron and taxiways, completed in 1984; Cayman Brac's Gerrard Smith International Airport terminal building, aircraft parking apron and taxiways, completed in 1989; the Cayman Islands Community College (now UCCI) completed in 1991, the major Owen Roberts airport runway resurfacing project completed in 1993, Owen Roberts Fire Station, and the Little Cayman dock. Max also directed project management staff for such major projects as the Cayman Islands Hospital and the Prospect Primary School.

In 1994, whilst acting Chief Engineer, Max sat on the Cuban Crisis Committee which was charged with managing the influx of approximately 1,200 Cuban refugees who arrived on Cayman's shores over a three week period. He managed and coordinated the enormous PWD effort to construct Tent City and associated facilities that this influx necessitated. He was awarded the MBE for his services to the Cayman Islands Government during this extremely challenging period.

Max has played an active role with the National Hurricane Committee since its inception in the late 1980’s. He instigated the PWD annual hurricane preparedness exercise and has been one of the main motivators behind having appropriate new government facilities constructed to category 5 hurricane standards.

In 1999 Max was promoted to Deputy Chief Engineer (Buildings) and then in 2005 to Director.

In his free time, Max enjoys travel, playing tennis, reading, improving his Spanish and spending time with his wife Marbelia and their two children Alex and Lorena.

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